Passionate SEL educators who are keen to empower teachers and improve the lives of students. 

SEL team
We are passionate about the work we are doing and are keen to continue developing unique social-emotional learning tools for students and teachers. We are always looking to work with passionate SEL educators who wish to contribute or collaborate on current and future projects.

Meet our team

Michelle Torres
Director of Social Emotional Learning at Citizens of the World Los Angeles

A committed, creative and mindful educational leader, devoted to lifelong learning and innovative problem-solving. 

LOCATION: Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area 
Jennifer N. Laster
High School English Teacher, Adjunct Professor, 

Fulbright Scholar and passionate SEL advocate
LOCATION: Piscataway, New Jersey
Laura Richard
SEL Coordinator

Responsible for the development and implementation of the SEL Framework, benchmark goals, research, programming, and training. 
LOCATION: Beaumont, Texas.
Kathleen Witte

Kathleen has been an educator for the past eight years and has held various positions across different schools in India, China, and the USA. She has taught in the PYP and MYP, and facilitated the PYP exhibition twice. In her last role as the whole school learning support coordinator, she was responsible for supporting students with specific learning needs. Kathleen also holds a Master's degree in child and adolescent psychology and completed her mindfulness and yoga teacher training with the organization 'Breathe 4 Change'. 
Social-emotional learning has always been a strong focus in her teaching practice. She believes for students to be able to learn effectively, they need to feel safe, accepted, and confident. Kathleen takes a holistic teaching approach focusing on the whole child and their well-being. She also led the elementary student council, facilitated a kindergarten wellness extra-curricular activity and a high school yoga class. Currently, Kathleen is pursuing a Master's in Education Technology and enjoys collaborating with the Seltrove Team by contributing to the Seltrove workshops and making SEL practices more accessible to other educators. 
Kemi Owens-Hart
 Teaching Supervisor

Kemi is an educator who has spent the past thirteen years working in various capacities within the sphere of education in the United States, South America, and Europe. She has been a classroom teacher, curriculum quality assurance consultant, author, and educational evaluator. Her work has centered around developing equitable, accessible, and fun learning environments for learners of all abilities and backgrounds. She currently resides in Rome, Italy, where she works as a public school art history teacher. As an author of secondary school resources for Seltrove, she finds motivation and inspiration in the prospect of a future where social and emotional learning is highly valued and widely used in schools all over the world.
Tamara Irving

Tamara teaches dance in an Atlanta public school. It is her goal as an educator to create a positive and stimulating environment for her students where creative choice, artistry and movement have value. Her educational journey started when she left the Us National Tour of The Lion King and needed to find stability while still utilizing her gift of dance. Her professional experience helped to shape her as an educator. She believes SEL is essential not only in the dance room but in all school environments. She believes it is important for teachers to place their masks on before they can do the same for their students. She has incorporated SEL into the lessons and activities of her daily practices. She currently contributes to the Seltrove workshops as an author and social media content writer.
Hyam Elsaharty
Seattle Public School District's Social Emotional Learning Consulting Teacher

I believe that incorporating SEL into daily instruction fundamentally changed me professionally and personally. My students became more engaged and their academic performance improved, but there was even more. My relationships with and between students became stronger, I witnessed them develop a sense of self and confidence, and they had this genuine appreciation of one another. Explicit teaching of SEL skills and weaving it into my classroom each day brought back the joy to teaching and why I went into education in the first place.

LOCATION: Seattle, Washington
Becky Criollo
 Student Teaching Supervisor

Strongly believes in the power of public education and is passionate about urban education, with a particular interest in bilingual education, working with English language learners, and teaching social emotional learning. Taught in a Chicago public school for 10 years and now works developing future teachers through student teaching supervision and curriculum development. Believes that it is essential for teachers to have access to resources and professional development in order for them to be successful in their jobs.

LOCATION: Chicago, Illinois
Janna Nobleza
Edtrove Project Leader

I find joy in helping students learn and giving teachers the tools they need to be successful.
I believe all students can be successful in school with a teacher who believes in them, creates a safe learning environment, and is efficiently trained. All students can find enjoyment in reading and writing and all students yearn to feel successful and be proud of the work they accomplish.
LOCATION:Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area