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Funding for SEL

In the United States, there are many funding grants available for Social and Emotional Learning. Grants are available for student and teacher SEL resources.  When you create an SEL program for your district using Seltrove, you can use government grants to help you cover the cost!

Funding available for your district

Below is a map with the funding available to your district based on your state. Click the link or map for additional information.

Details about these Title Funds

Title funds are federal money that  supplement state funding. The following are options to consider when using Seltrove in your district.

IDEA, Part B

This funding applies to resources you use for special education students including our student planners, digital class packs, and Neurodiverse teacher toolkit.

Title 1, Part A

This funding applies to all of Seltrove's products since SEL is a basic program that you are improving by using Seltrove.

Title 1, Part C

If you are using Seltrove's student materials with migrant populations, you can apply for funding through Title 1, Part C

Title 1, Part D

Using SEL with your students has been shown (per CASEL's research) to support students who are at-risk, neglected, or delinquent. All of our student and teacher SEL products is included in this grant.

Title II, Part A

This grant supports effective teacher instruction. You can use this funding for Seltrove's teacher workshops.

Title IV, Part A

SEL supports students in their academics and well-being. Student materials can be funded through these grants.

Title IV, Part B

Both Part 1 and Part 2 can be used for SEL materials if your district is located in a rural community. This applies to student and teacher SEL.

Title VIII 

Funding is available for districts & schools that reside on Indian lands and work with Indian children and employ Indian teachers. All of Seltrove's products are included in this grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other funding options besides federal grants?

Yes! Check with your state department of education. There are many grants available at the state level as well. Local governments and PTOs/PTAs may also have funding available for school-wide SEL.

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