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Elementary School Toolkit

Explore ways to teach students how to establish, maintain, and restore relationships with this Community Workshop Toolkit.

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The main focus of this Toolkit is the CASEL competency of:

  • Relationship Skills

The Community Toolkit

Being part of a healthy community and feeling a sense of belonging is necessary for all people to be well. In this toolkit of workshops, we focus on guiding our students through establishing, maintaining, and restoring healthy relationships through: empathy, boundaries, consent and many more SEL-aligned strategies.

Inside this Toolkit:

1. Teaching Healthy Relationships

Learn how teachers can model and teach healthy relationship building including establishing, maintaining, and restoring relationships. This workshop focuses mainly on the CASEL competency of relationship skills.

 Capstone: Create a relationship-building activity

2. Complex Social Situations

Explore strategies teachers can use when helping students navigate complex social situations. This workshop focuses on the CASEL competencies of relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

 Capstone: Design a resource for your classroom based on the workshop examples

3. The Power of Words

Model and teach healthy communication strategies including conflict resolution and non-violent communication. This workshop emphasizes relationship skills and social awareness. 

  Capstone: Create your SEL-aligned communication action plan

4. Restorative Practices

Discover how restorative practices benefits schools and classrooms by healing relationships, supporting constructive conflict resolution, and decreasing discipline issues. This workshop focuses mainly on the CASEL competencies of relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

 Capstone: Create a restorative practice plan for your classroom

What's included?

  • Interactive elements to make your learning more engaging
  • Real classroom examples of SEL situations
  • Downloadable classroom-ready resources
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  • Create your own custom resources throughout the workshop
  • Engage with a community of peers in the discussion boards
  • 2-hour completion certificate


SEL workshops are 2 hours or less, and take a constructivist approach.

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