Elementary School Toolkit

Delve into the foundational principles of SEL in this Workshop Toolkit with the goal of shaping your teaching style and school philosophy to better align with SEL.

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The main focus of this Toolkit is the 5 CASEL competencies and how they relate to each other.

The SEL Foundations Toolkit

This toolkit focuses on creating an SEL-aligned teaching style by learning about the foundational principles of SEL including:
  • SEL Teaching Practices
  • Creating an SEL Classroom Environment
  • SEL-aligned Classroom Management
  • Students' Brain Development and SEL
  • SEL Self-care Practices for Teachers

Inside this Toolkit:

1. The Pedagogies and Competencies of SEL in Elementary school

Explore all 5 CASEL competencies and learn how you can use a teaching style that weaves SEL into your content and classroom management. Focus on all 5 CASEL competencies.

 Capstone: Create your SEL-aligned Teaching Philosophy

2. Creating an SEL Classroom Environment in  Elementary school

Learn how to create an SEL-aligned classroom environment to integrate SEL into your daily routine. Focus on social awareness, relationship skills, and self-awareness.

 Capstone: Design your Classroom

3. SEL-Focused Classroom Managementin  Elementary school

Discover SEL-aligned classroom management strategies through case studies and real classroom examples. This workshop focuses heavily on relationship skills and self-management.

  Capstone: Create your SEL-aligned Classroom Management Philosophy

4. The Brain science behind SEL in  Elementary school

Learn how SEL benefits brain development in your students, and ways you can encourage healthy brain development with SEL-aligned teaching strategies. Focus on self-management.

 Capstone: Reflection and discussion with other teachers taking this workshop

5. SEL and you: An  Elementary school teachers tool

Gain new insight into teacher well-being with downloadable resources and tools to support you. Focus on self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making.

 Capstone: Create your own Well-being Toolkit

What's included?

  • Interactivity
  • Real classroom case studies
  • Downloadable resources to use in your classroom
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Online workshop

SEL workshops are 2 hours or less, and take a constructivist approach.
  • Creating practical resources using your knowledge from each workshop
  • Engage with a community of peers in the discussion boards
  • 2-hour completion certificate

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