Middle & High School Toolkit

Learn ways to teach student well-being including healthy decision-making and using trauma-informed teaching strategies through the CASEL competencies of responsible decision-making and self-management. 

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The main focus of this Toolkit are the CASEL competency of:
  • self-management
  • responsible decision-making

The Well-being

Teachers learn how to teach, model, and support their students by regulating their emotions, evaluating consequences, and making healthy decisions.

Students benefit when their teachers are trained in teaching self-management and responsible decision-making. Teachers will come away with resources and tools to develop emotional regulation skills and critical thinking skills both in daily life and when using technology.

Inside this Toolkit:

1. Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices

Explore ways teachers can integrate mindfulness and gratitude practices into the classroom. Focus on self-management and social awareness.

  Capstone: Reflect and connect with other SEL teachers on this topic

2. Mental Wellness

Learn about mental wellness in tweens and teens, and ways general education teachers can support healthy wellness. Focus on self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.

  Capstone: Create an action plan for your classroom

3. Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices

Learn more about trauma and strategies for being a trauma-informed teacher. Focus on relationship skills, self-awareness, and social awareness.

  Capstone: Create a self-care plan

4. Making Healthy Decisions

Discover SEL-aligned tools to teach healthy decision-making skills to elementary school students. Focus on responsible decision-making and self-management.

  Capstone: Create a decision-making framework for your classroom

5. Making Healthy Technology Decisions 

Investigate technology well-being including digital citizenship, media use, and teaching online safety. Focus on responsible decision-making and self-management

 Capstone: Connect with other SEL teachers in sharing application strategies

What's included?

  • Interactive elements to make your learning more engaging
  • Real classroom examples of SEL situations
  • Downloadable classroom-ready resources
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  • Create your own custom resources throughout the workshop
  • Engage with a community of peers in the discussion boards
  • 2-hour completion certificate


SEL workshops are 2 hours or less, and take a constructivist approach.

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