Growth Mindset Kit for Elementary School Teachers & Counselors

Focus on teaching growth mindset to your students! 
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What is a Kit?

A Kit is a ready-to-use set of SEL lessons you can print and use with your students. No teacher preparation is needed! Simply log in, print, and use in your classroom.

The Kit also includes the following resources:
 Teacher Tips for each lesson
 An introduction PowerPoint to use in class
 Teacher videos to deepen your knowledge
 Modifications for non-readers & writers
 Enrichment & extension activities for each lesson

all lessons are in English + Spanish!

Main Features

Includes 16 printable activities

Colorful printables to keep students engaged!

Available in English
and Spanish

Inclusivity is key. Access both languages with the same product and only print the ones you need.

Accessible for all abilities in K-5

Includes modifications for younger learners, enrichment activities, and extension ideas.

Powerpoint slides

Ready to use in your classroom to introduce and expand on growth mindset.

Video lessons

Videos that provide an overview and further exploration on growth mindset .

Teacher Tips 

Teacher Tips included for each activity.
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Core Topics

Confidence building
Accepting mistakes
Positive Self-talk
Trying new things
A healthy mind and body

Lessons & Activities in this Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each lesson take?

Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes, although some teachers extend this time to include a full class period giving students time to share and work in groups on each activity. 

What training do I need to use this?

None! All you need to do is print the printable activity and hand it out to your students.

How much does this cost?


How does this Kit work?

The classroom teacher or school counselor has access to this Kit and decides which activities to print and use with their students. Teachers also have access to the PowerPoint to introduce Growth Mindset to their students and the teacher videos to learn more about teaching growth mindset & gaining confidence.