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PK-5 Teacher Course

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Deepen your understanding and teaching of SEL in your preschool and elementary classroom with this video-based, comprehensive SEL teacher course.

What's included in this course?

  • 5 modules each focused on a CASEL competency
  • 8-12 lessons per module
  • 1-3 case studies per module
  • 15 authors to share their experience and best practices
  • 1 certificate

Safe & equitable classroom best practices

Throughout this video-based course, you will learn how to teach and model self-awareness, self-management, and responsibility decision-making skills to create safe, equitable learning spaces for all your students.

Relationship and community focused

Learn how to model and teach self-awareness, relationship skills, and social awareness to your students to enhance community in your class, school, and the world.

Meet a few of the Seltrove Contributors

Hyam Elsaharty

Seattle Public School District's SEL Consulting Teacher
"I believe incorporating SEL into daily instruction fundamentally changed me. My students became more engaged and their academic performance improved. My relationships with and between students became stronger, I witnessed them develop a sense of self and confidence, and they had this genuine appreciation of one another. Explicit teaching of SEL skills and weaving it into my classroom each day brought back the joy to teaching."

Future Cain

Director of SEL and Community Outreach
Future is an educator and certified yoga instructor who specializes in SEL to enhance the education, health, and business fields. She has developed and implemented a district-wide SEL education strategic plan and created & led an adult SEL training for staff. Future has served as a Rotarian and is a winner of the 2018 Northshore Milwaukee Rotary Rotarian of the Year and 2018 Northshore Milwaukee Rotary Presidents Cup.

Lauretta Dawolo Towns

Middle School Teacher & Equity Panelist
Lauretta is a middle school ELA teacher who uses SEL in her classroom. She is also involved in the University of Minnesota's teacher webinar series on Accelerating Teacher Preparation for Black Students Kindergarten through Higher Ed.

Michelle Torres

Director of SEL at Citizens of the World Los Angeles
A committed, creative and mindful educational leader, devoted to lifelong learning and innovative problem-solving.