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Seltrove’s SEL student resources (and all the funding for our materials) are now available to your Houston ISD school through the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum RFP (22-06-02).
Seltrove also has funding for all Houston schools through the Leadership, Teacher and Staff Development RFP (22-06-04).

You can pair our teacher workshops with our student resources to create a whole school SEL solution.

RFP for Social and Emotional Learning (SELF) Curriculum

Specification No. 22-06-02

Seltrove was awarded this RFP because our SEL student materials are CASEL-aligned, evidenced-based, culturally responsive, and use trauma-informed approaches. Our program focuses on promoting:

  • Identity, belonging, and agency
  • Prioritizing strong, supportive relationships
  • Facilitating collaborative solutions that lead to personal, community, and societal well-being
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Some examples of the topics our SEL student materials cover, include:
  • Emotional awareness
  • Coping strategies
  • Developing empathy
  • Learning perspective-taking skills
  • Understanding healthy relationships
  • Developing anti-bullying and being an upstander tools
  • Making responsible decisions
  • Developing a growth mindset
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RFP for Leadership, Teacher and Staff Development

Specification No. 22-06-04

Seltrove was awarded this RFP because of our SEL for teachers workshops. Our SEL teacher workshops are training for teachers, counselors, and other school staff in the CASEL competencies of Social and Emotional Learning. 

Our workshops include training in:
  • SEL for adults
  • Creating an SEL environment for students
  • Teaching strategies for building self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision-making in students K-12
  • Equity, social awareness, and healthy relationship building
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All of our workshops are:
  • Asynchronous, digital workshops which gives schools & teachers flexibility to learn when convenient to them
  • CASEL-aligned and promote all aspects of Social and Emotional Learning
  • Culturally responsive
  • Trauma-informed teaching practices
  • Appropriate for adult learners
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The SEL Workshops support the district’s goals and core values by providing leaders, teachers, and school staff with the tools to create more equitable, safe learning environments for students, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students.

We align with the leader competencies by:
  • ​​Developing Visionary skills by exploring tools to create a school culture that promotes healthy decision-making and aligns with the vision of excellence by creating safe school environments that are equitable for all students.
  • Developing skills in being a Culture Developer by learning SEL-aligned practices for teaching emotional awareness in students, equitable school management tools, and tools to increase student engagement and motivation in the classroom.
  • Developing Leadership Teams Manager skills by empowering leaders to share what they are learning through discussion questions and downloadable resources.
  • Developing Instructional Planning skills by learning new ways to incorporate collaboration and problem-solving into the classroom and will learn the value of curiosity and intellectual curiosity through intrinsic motivation and goal-setting.
  • Developing Observation and Feedback by empowering teachers, understanding the value of learning communities and healthy relationships, and modeling a growth mindset.

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