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classroom-ready curriculum for primary students


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 This SEL planner is written specifically for 3rd through 5th-grade students. Upper elementary students are gaining more independence, but also tend to struggle with confidence and friendships.

With social, emotional, and mental development in mind, the Seltrove SEL planners focus on each CASEL competency with relevant examples and precise lessons to support their SEL skills development.

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Students learn all 5 CASEL competencies including:

  • Self-awareness is developed through self-reflection, social story practices, and growth mindset activities.
  • Self-management is practiced with an emphasis on learning breathing techniques, using their voice to communicate, and practicing goal-setting.
  • Responsible decision-making is emphasized throughout the planner by becoming a role model to others, art activities, and practicing curiosity.
  • Relationship skills focus on peer pressure, being an upstander, and learning how to communicate needs.
  • Social awareness is explored by digging into diversity and stereotypes to be inclusive and kind. Empathy and perspective-taking are emphasized and encouraged.
  • Key settings are supported through a home-school connection in the learning log.

All lessons are accessible and appropriate for a range of diverse learners in a multitude of school settings

No teacher preparation is required to use these SEL planners!
Seltrove's Classroom-Ready Curriculum

Student Planners include:

Engaging Lessons

SEL Resources


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Student Planners Include:

Fun Activities

Goal Setting

SEL Stories

Take a look at the features of this 3-5 SEL planner

Flip through the 3-5 sample below for more examples

 This SEL planner is written specifically for kindergarten through 2nd-grade students with a play-based model on learning social and emotional learning skills.

Designed for busy schools, teachers, and students, this planner is easy to use and doesn't require any extra work for teachers.

Why is this SEL planner for 3 different grade levels? Won't my students get bored doing it 3 years in a row?

Third through fifth grade is a unique time in students’ development both academically and socially. This planner takes a much deeper dive into SEL skills and competency than the kindergarten through second grade planner, and students will need to repeat lessons as they grow and develop to get the most out of the lessons. 

Students at this grade level tend to think people see only their flaws, they begin selecting friends based on personality, and this is the time cliques and bullying may begin. By repeating lessons in this planner for three years, students are gradually learning and being reminded of concepts that are important yet difficult to practice. So while the planner is scaffolded, repetition is encouraged for students to fully develop and begin using these SEL skills in their lives.

Let’s look at an example from page 56 titled Knowing Where You Stand.

In third grade, students are beginning the phase in development where they feel like they are being judged by others. As they go through this planner page, they will begin to realize they can be courageous. They will be able to say how each dilemma was solved, but will most likely struggle with being able to do this if it occurs in their life.
In fourth grade, students will be more able to discuss why each dilemma was a good or poor choice and may be able to give a specific example of how they were an upstander at school. They are gaining more confidence in their ability to stand up and be courageous.
In fifth grade, students will be able to discuss each dilemma’s choice, give a specific example of how they were an upstander, and be able to apply this information to their own lives.
Notice that while the lessons are basic -- be an upstander -- the actual concept and applying this is difficult and takes practice. It is natural for students to feel uncomfortable standing up to their friends since they want to fit in and be liked by their peers. When lessons are repeated and students continue to practice this skill, they gain confidence and are able to apply it. Students are now ready to move on to the middle school Seltrove student planners!

Using this Planner

What training does a teacher need to use this planner?

This SEL planner is classroom-ready and requires no SEL training on the teacher's part.

If teachers are interested in getting more SEL training, we have SEL Workshop Toolkits here.

How long is each lesson?

Lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Each lesson also includes extension activities that are optional.

Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules.

How do my students use this planner?

Lessons can be completed during class time individually, in small groups, or as a class. They are also designed to be done at home with minimal parent/guardian support.


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Frequently asked questions

Why is this planner repeated for 3 different grade levels?

Research has shown younger students benefit greatly through repetition. When we repeat content, students are able to get more and more out of the lesson each time. Even in the SEL planner, lessons are repeated in various formats so students can learn the material in new ways. This supports students' abilities to apply what they are learning to their lives.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do! Please email your purchase order and we will process once we are ready to ship. 

Do you have special prices for districts or school-wide orders?

Yes, we do! Please connect with us and we will be happy to offer a special price for quantities of 100 and above.

Can I customize the planner for my school or district?

Yes! Just send an Email to Janna@edtrove.com with the grade level(s) you would like to customize.