Seltrove is a project focused on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Our resources for students, teachers, and administrators guide and support the learning of these important skills in a seamless manner by:

  • Providing engaging lessons and activities for students grades kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Using the CASEL competencies to show how students and teachers can develop their SEL skills and how these competencies overlap with one another.
  • Creating easy-to-use lessons so teachers don’t need to plan their SEL lesson and students can learn anywhere — at school, in small groups, online, or at home.


We believe social-emotional learning needs to be applicable, use real-life situations, engage students as individuals but also in group and whole-class settings, and include space and time for students to reflect upon their learned skills.  Our Seltrove planners include application activities while also providing goal-setting, reflecting, and evaluating practice, along with opportunities for students to connect prior knowledge. Our planners are student-centered, logically-sequenced, and encourage teachers to establish an SEL routine in their classrooms.


We believe students need a safe and loving environment in which to practice social-emotional learning skills. We believe teachers can make excellent role models in the teaching of these skills and creating a safe environment for learning. We believe teachers need to be supported in their teaching and implementation of social-emotional learning through quality professional development. Our Seltrove Online Course will give teachers the confidence and tools to support them.

Social-emotional learning is vital for students to be successful in school, in adulthood, and to cultivate a community of peace in our country. Social-emotional learning skills need to be practiced multiple times throughout the day in various contexts within a safe learning environment.


Student planners provide SEL lessons every week of the school year that are based on the CASEL competencies. Each planner guides students through a scaffolded-approach designed for experiential learning and reflective practices.


Our 40-week planners consist of four themes (10 weeks per theme) including:


Identity and Mindset (self-awareness skills), Courage and Kindness (relationship skills), A Place to Belong (social-awareness skills), and A Healthy Well-being (self-management skills and responsible decision-making skills).


An online teacher course that is interactive with the goal of delivering teachers pedagogical and practical information about Social-Emotional Learning and the K-12 classroom.

The Online Teacher Course blends SEL pedagogy with real-classroom examples and best practices to help you become a distinguished teacher.

I have what I think is the best job in the world - to bring social emotional learning  to all students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, to make a positive impact with people in a wave of continual ripple effects.  My work in the past has consisted of compartmentalized roles of evaluations, counseling, and training. I truly wanted to do more for students, their teachers and parents, to do more than just identify a disability condition, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations.  I am so excited, now as a SEL Coordinator, to see the growth of students, help teachers work in a relational way with their class to meet their needs, and educate adults to understand how to address concerns they have with their children or students.

I am so honored to be part of this project to put SEL lessons in the hands of students, teachers, and families in a way that is applicable and usable. As I work on the lessons for the middle school planners, I envision the students reading the information for the first time, and try to think about their thoughts as they would engage in the activities. I imagine the students talking with their friends about the concepts, and how the teacher can extend the lessons and activities throughout the week, and how families can hear about these skills and help apply them in their homes. It is my hope that students will increase in their social skills, emotional well-being, confidence in making decisions, empathy for others, as well as achieve academic success by learning these SEL skills and applying them in their lives, and that the teachers and adults in their lives will learn along with them to create a pervasive environment for social and emotional growth.


SEL Coordinator



Videos from experts around the country who are SEL directors and coordinators in their districts.


Share ideas with peers and experts in the SEL field all along your learning journey. 


Downloadable resources to support teachers as they integrate SEL in their classrooms

We are eager to hear from fellow SEL educators. Share an idea, ask a question, or just connect!