Seltrove Education

Research-based and classroom ready SEL resources for K-12 students

Our SEL resources are crafted to be both engaging and interactive, aimed at nurturing empathy, compassion, and well-being among students. With a commitment to creating inclusive and kind classroom environments, our suite of print and digital materials is designed to support educators in this mission.

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SEL Classroom Workbooks 

Printed classroom workbooks with over a year's worth of SEL lessons and activities.  This 2-in-1 resource is classroom-ready with no teacher preparation needed.
  • CASEL-aligned with a focus on all five competencies
  • Teacher-ready lessons and activities for the entire  year
  • An agenda book for self-management and personalized learning
  • 21st-Century Skills and College Readiness
  • Trauma-informed best practices & culturally responsive
  • Student self-assessments & reflections
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SEL Lightspeed

Seltrove Lightspeed is a web-based social-emotional learning (SEL) program designed for K-12 students. It equips students with essential life skills to navigate academic, social, and emotional challenges
  • CASEL-aligned lessons & activities
  • 1-Year subscription with access for all staff
  • Scope and Sequence and implementation guides
  • Assessment Alignment 
  • Just-in-time SEL lessons based on current events
  • All downloadable lessons and activities are available in English.
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Seltrove in Action:

For teachers  SEL enhances classroom management by reducing behavioral issues and boosting student engagement through improved self-awareness and emotional control.

For students
SEL empowers them by enhancing self-management and interpersonal skills, boosting both personal confidence and academic success.

For parents
 SEL provides their children with essential skills to effectively manage their emotions, navigate stress, and build resilience.

Our Curriculum Requires No Teacher Planning

Simplify SEL for your teachers with pre-designed lessons—no prep required, ensuring smooth and effective implementation

Options for Every School

Our school-wide license offers digital programs for K-12 schools, ensuring you have the adaptability and scalability to implement SEL across all student groups in your school, regardless of how your grade bands are organized.

Our Curriculum Focuses on Self-Awareness First

Our curriculum starts with self-awareness, the foundational pillar among the cyclical CASEL competencies, fostering a growth mindset and bolstering confidence in both students and teachers about their unique identities

Our Curriculum Connects School and Home

The 2-in-1 workbook format bolsters the bond between school and home, allowing parents and caregivers to delve into the SEL curriculum and incorporate SEL language with their child, thus improving comprehension and dialogue

Enhancing Staff Wellbeing

Research confirms teacher well-being is key to classroom success. We've joined forces with adult education leaders to ensure every school staff member is skilled in creating a positive learning environment

"Just in time" learning capability

"Just-in-time" is a standout feature, offering students and educators instant access to an extensive library of high-quality materials. This immediacy is essential for addressing educational inquiries as soon as they emerge, ensuring that learning is continuous and uninterrupted.

Integrate SEL into your classroom today

Ensure that SEL principles are woven into the fabric of daily classroom interactions 

Frequently Asked Questions

What training does a teacher need to use Seltrove's Student Materials?

The SEL Class Workbooks and SEL Lightspeed are classroom-ready and require no specific SEL training on the teacher's or counselor's part. All lessons and activities are fully explained and contained for students to complete in class, on their own, or at home.

How long is each student lesson?

Lessons take about 15-30 minutes to complete once a week. Many lessons also include extension activities that are optional ways to add more SEL practice into your weekly SEL lessons and activities.
Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules throughout the week.

How many lessons and activities are in each weekly module of the workbook or digital solution?

Each print and/or digital workbook contains over a year's worth of turnkey lessons and activities enough for entire school year.

Is Seltrove's material CASEL aligned?

All our resources are meticulously designed around the five core competencies outlined by CASEL, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach to social-emotional learning.