Replenishing Ourselves

Tamara Irving
As the school year ends for many educators, how will we make sure we are replenished for a new school year. As we navigate the social and emotional relationships for our students, how are we making sure to leave room for ourselves. 

Here are a few tips to practice self care while rejuvenating our vest for teaching when we are away from our students: 

Read for fun. Educators sometimes don’t have an off button when it comes to reading and supporting our curriculum, but reading for fun may actually inspire your teaching. I love to read dance and home organization magazines. A little bit of those organization skills of course sneaks into my dance classroom

Learn something new. Last summer, I learned to garden and to create Trello boards. One skill gave me peace and a lovely garden to look at this spring. The other skill is useful for family, school and business organization. 

Reflect. Reflect on the good from this past year. What were some of the highs and things that you accomplished? Use that good to set you up for success next school year. Use any other reflections, good or bad, to guide not only your teaching but how you want to approach life. 

Enjoy nature. Research suggests that being outside in nature can calm the nervous system and improve your mood. Spend time outside taking a walk, reading a book in the hammock, or sitting outside on a patio to have lunch with friends.

Teacher stress can interfere with effective teaching of social and emotional learning to students. When we take care of ourselves, we are better for our students and those around us. 

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