Teacher Workshop Toolkits

SEL professional development that is interactive and meaningful

Teacher workshop toolkits are arranged by topics and grouped together into toolkits to give teachers a deep dive into the topic (and CASEL competencies) without a big time commitment.

Each workshop features:
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CASEL-aligned content
Teacher Collaboration encouraged
Interactive learning experiences
Relevant  classroom-focused content
Project-based and hands-on
Resources to download & print
A 2-hour completion certificate

Toolkits are arranged by CASEL competency and a specific topic. Each toolkit includes 4-5 workshops to give teachers a deep dive into each aspect of the CASEL competency with lots of case studies, resources, and interactive elements for a deeper learning experience.

Workshop Toolkits

SEL Foundations

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) focuses on who we are as individuals and the relationships we have with the people and the world around us. Delve into the foundational principles of SEL and the five CASEL competencies in this Teacher Workshop Toolkit.

Main Focus: Tools to use the CASEL competencies to shape the teaching style and philosophy at your school Workshops in this Toolkit include:

  1. The Pedagogies and Competencies of SEL
  2. Creating an SEL Environment & Routine in your Classroom
  3. SEL-Focused Classroom Management Strategies
  4. SEL and the Brain: The Science Behind Social and Emotional Learning
  5. SEL and You: A Teacher’s Tool

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SEL Identity

Identity is what makes us who we are. Knowing our identity works to support feelings of confidence, feelings of being in control, motivation, and a sense of agency for our students.These workshops focus on Social and Emotional Learning as the underlying pedagogy as we explore topics of navigating and claiming identity, emotional awareness, and growth mindset.

Main Focus: Teaching & modeling self-awareness and self-management skills

Workshops in this Toolkit include:

  1. Teaching Students How to Navigate and Claim their Identity
  2. Teaching Emotional Awareness to Students
  3. Teaching Growth Mindset
  4. Teaching Self-Worth and Resilience

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SEL Community

Community is essential for all people. When students feel a sense of belonging at their school and in their classroom, they are better able to learn. Explore ways to teach students how to establish, maintain, and restore relationships with this Community Workshop Toolkit.

Main Focus: Teaching & practicing relationship skills to help students create, build and restore the healthy relationships in their lives

Workshops in this Toolkit include:

  1. Teaching Healthy Relationship-Building
  2. Complex Social Situations
  3. The Power of Words and Communication
  4. Restorative Practices

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SEL Equity

Equity is when all students at our school have access and the ability to learn to their highest potential. Investigate how your school can become more equitable for all students by creating SEL-aligned learning environments and teaching philosophies.

Main Focus: Investigating equity issues & creating anti-racist practices through a Social Awareness lens

Workshops in this Toolkit include:

  1. Social Justice in the Classroom
  2. Culturally Responsive Teaching
  3. Neurodiversity
  4. Racial Equity
  5. Creating your Classroom Declaration of Equity 

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SEL Well-Being

Being well includes making healthy decisions, knowing ourselves, and asking for help when we need it. This workshop toolkit uses the CASEL competencies to delve into student well-being to help students make responsible decisions that are healthy for them.

Main Focus: Teaching & modeling responsible decision-making and self-management skills in healthy ways

Workshops in this Toolkit include:

  1. Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices
  2. Mental Wellness (available only in the Middle/High School Toolkit)
  3. Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices
  4. Making Healthy Decisions
  5. Making Healthy Decisions with Technology
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Completion Certificate

Each workshop comes with a completion certificate after you have completed each lesson in the 2-hour workshop. Workshops cover many of the teacher evaluation areas including:
  • Planning
  • Learning Environment
  • Professional Practices and Responsibility

Check with your local school district, county, state, or country to determine whether you can use your certificate for teacher relicensure.