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Coffee Chat: Student Choice

Learn how to build your students' responsible decision-making skills. In this Coffee Chat you will have the opportunity to learn an activity to use in your classroom, and explore resources to help you teach your students this important competency.

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Speaker: Jonathan Erwin

Jonathan Erwin has been teaching Social-Emotional Skills to students and adults for over thirty years, as a high school English teacher, a professional development specialist, a college professor, and, since 2004, an independent educational author, keynote speaker, and consultant. Jon has worked all over North America as well as in 7 other countries helping educators focus on:
  • Creating a positive school and classroom climate and culture.
  • Increasing student motivation.
  • Teaching and encouraging a growth mindset and grit.
  • Integrating essential social-emotional learning into the curriculum.
  • Implementing Restorative Discipline, a process that transforms behavioral issues into learning experiences.
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Learn more strategies for building your students' SEL skills with an SEL teacher workshop bundle. Responsible decision-making is emphasized in the SEL Well-Being teacher workshops. Learn more about our Teacher Workshops here
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