SEL for Teachers

SEL Workshops for teachers, school leaders, paraprofessionals, and school staff. Focus on the CASEL competencies with evidence-based best practices to improve teaching, school culture, and student wellness.

Interactive, collaborative SEL workshops.

Teacher workshops are SEL professional development for teachers, school leaders, paraprofessionals, and school staff. Workshops focus on building and developing SEL skills both in educators and students by focusing on the five CASEL competencies. All workshops include evidence-based best practices and use a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens.
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Our Workshops Provide:

CASEL-aligned, evidence-based best practices.

Culturally responsive and trauma-informed best practices.

Asynchronous, digital learning.

Printable and downloadable resources.

Bundle Workshops

Bundle our SEL workshops to get all your teachers trained, together! 

Select any number of workshops below to create a personalized learning experience for your teachers, and then decide how many teachers will be enrolled in each workshop.
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Explore all of our workshops below. Each workshop is categorized into a theme.
Select the workshop that you, your teachers, or your school are focusing on or bundle workshops together to create a longer learning journey.

SEL Foundations

Focus on all 5 CASEL Competencies by subscribing to one or all five of these workshops. Explore the basics and foundations of Social and Emotional Learning, learn how to cultivate an SEL classroom (and school) environment, use SEL-aligned classroom management practices, and build teacher wellness.

Workshops in this theme:
 The Pedagogies and Competencies of SEL
 Creating an SEL Environment in your Classroom
 SEL-Aligned Classroom Management Strategies
 The Brain Science behind SEL
 SEL and You: A Teacher's Tool

SEL Equity

Focus on Social Awareness & Relationship Skills by subscribing to one or all 5 of these workshops. Learn culturally responsive teaching practices and best practices for creating an inclusive and equitable classroom (and school) environment.

Workshops in this theme:
Social Justice in the Classroom
Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices
Racial Equity
Your Classroom Declaration of Equity

SEL Identity

Focus on Self-Awareness & Self-Management by subscribing to one or all four of the workshops in this theme. Learn how to support and teach your students as they navigate their own identity, identify and manage their emotions, and build a growth mindset & resilience.

Workshops in this theme:
 Teaching Students how to Navigate & Claim their Identity
 Teaching Emotional Awareness
 Teaching Growth Mindset
 Building Self-Worth & Resilience

SEL Well-Being

Focus on Responsible Decision-Making & Self-Awareness by subscribing to one or all five of these workshops. Learn trauma-informed teaching practices, and best practices for teaching students to make healthy decisions. Learn ways you can incorporate mindfulness & gratitude into your daily classroom routine.

Workshops in this theme:
  Mindfulness & Gratitude Practices
  Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices
  Mental Wellness (available in the Middle & High School version only)
  Making Healthy Decisions
  Healthy Technology Decisions

SEL Community

Focus on Relationship Skills & Responsible Decision-Making by subscribing to one or all four of these workshops. Learn strategies to teach healthy relationships, resisting peer pressure, being an upstander, and clear communication to your students. Explore techniques for using restorative practices in your classroom and school.
Workshops in this theme:
 Teaching Healthy Relationships
 Complex Social Situations
 The Power of Words (communication skills)
 Restorative Practices

How do I get my teachers subscribed?

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For workshops  decide how many teachers you will subscribe to each product.

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 Go to the course or workshop and enroll the teacher directly. You will then be guided through all the details and logistics. If you'd like to bundle toolkits together for multiple teachers, simply click the bundle option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enroll in workshops from different themes at the same time?

Yes! All of our workshops are al a carte for bundle orders. Select the workshops that fit your school and teaching best from any theme to create a personalized learning experience for the teachers at your school.

Can I subscribe a group of teachers to one workshop?

Yes! Just select the bundling option and bundle the same workshop by adding the number of users (teachers) you would like to have access to the workshop.

What are the differences between elementary and middle & high school?

The elementary school version workshops are designed for preschool - 5th grade teachers, school leaders, and paraprofessionals. These workshops focus on early childhood & elementary learning experiences and best practices.

The middle and high school version is designed for educators who work with 6th - 12th grade students. These workshops focus on adolescence, the leap in brain development in the pre-teen years, and best practices for middle and high school teachers.

 Educators & Schools love us!

The tools offer a practical lens through which to view social emotional learning."  
- joe amabile, teacher
I strongly endorse [Seltrove's] SEL Program. This SEL program is a necessity and something that's been missing from the teaching, learning, and education process for a very long time.
- Anthony Lockhart, program director
“I love love love these!”
- Susan petang, coach & mindfulness author

Want to take a peek into a teacher workshop?

This mini SEL workshop is a sample teacher workshop to give you an idea of what the full workshops look & feel like.
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