ELEMENTARY Teacher Workshops

Respectful Classroom Management

for Elementary Schools

Case Studies

Practice how you would respond with case studies


Downloadable resources to use in your classroom

 Video and Text Best Practices

Learn by reading, watching, listening, and doing
This workshop focuses on respectful
classroom management tools by
teaching how to reframe student behavior
and the problem with punishment. Teachers learn new ways to manage their classrooms using respectful, SEL-aligned tools.

Throughout this workshop teachers will:
  1. Learn respectful classroom management strategies
  2. Understand the differences between punishments and consequences
  3. Practice problem solving using SEL tools
  4. Reflect on their own teaching practices
  5. Create their own classroom management philosophy

Work your way through authentic, real-classroom case studies as you practice respectful classroom management tools.

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Workshop Content

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to this workshop?

Enrollment lasts 3 months.

Does this workshop provide professional development hours?

Yes! This workshop provides you with a completion certificate for 2 professional development hours. Hours may be used for teacher re-licensure. Please check with your specific state/providence/country to see if your hours can be used for re-licensure.

What do I have to DO for this workshop?

This workshop will lead you through a series of interactive tools to keep you engaged. The last lesson of the workshop will give you time to reflect and create based on what you have just learned. You may turn in your work to an administrator (if required), share with other workshop participants, or keep this work to yourself.

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