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Create a customized SEL program for your school district (or school) using Seltrove's student and teacher resources. Get everyone on board using SEL and building their SEL skills. Change the climate of your school and improve the academic success of your students!

Create an SEL Environment for your students & staff!

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1. Select your student SEL (Printed Planners or Digital Class Pack)

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Bundle it together and begin your SEL customized program!
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Our SEL for Districts

is aligned with all 5 CASEL competencies

uses evidenced-based best practices

is culturally responsive 

focuses on real-world applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Seltrove's Student & Teacher resources work together or are they separate products?

All of our products work together since each product focuses on 2-3 CASEL competencies.

For example, when students are working on the Identity & Mindset planner or digital class pack lessons, teachers should use the Identity Workshops to understand how to support their students as they build self-awareness and self-management skills.

We recommend these pairings for your teachers:

When students are working on the Identity & Mindset lessons, teachers complete the Identity Workshops
When students are working on the Courage & Kindness lessons, teachers complete the Community Workshops
When students are working on A Place to Belong lessons, teachers complete the Equity Workshops
When students are working on A Healthy Well-Being lessons, teachers complete the Well-Being Workshops

The SEL Foundations Workshop focuses on creating an SEL environment & classroom management, and may be used at any time throughout the school year when teachers need extra support.

What training does a teacher need to use Seltrove's Student Materials?

The SEL Student Planners and SEL Digital Class Packs are classroom-ready and require no specific SEL training on the teacher's or counselor's part. All lessons and activities are fully explained and contained for students to complete in class, on their own, or at home.

How long is each student lesson?

Lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete once a week. Many lessons also include extension activities that are optional ways to add more SEL practice into your weekly SEL lessons and activities.
Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules throughout the week.

How long is each teacher workshop?

Each individual workshop takes 1-2 hours to complete. Users receive a completion certificate after completing the workshop and have the opportunity to complete a final project and interact in the discussion threads with other educators.

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"It’s a teacher-student must have!!!"
- Review
I strongly endorse [Seltrove's] SEL Program. This SEL program is a necessity that's been missing from the teaching, learning, and education process for a very long time."
- anthony lockhart, program director
“I love love love these!”
- Susan petang, coach & mindfulness author

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