A peaceful classroom: daily mindfulness activities

Patty McLain
Sometimes it can feel like a lot to incorporate “one more thing” into our already busy classroom routines, so here are five simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into everyday activities so your students can get the benefits without stressing YOU out.

Mindful moments - take one minute at the beginning or end of a lesson to encourage students to slow down, take a few deep breaths and check in with themselves.

Mindful listening - as you’re giving directions or explaining a concept in class, encourage students to use mindful listening to be fully present and hear everything you are saying.  You can also incorporate a moment of mindful listening as a brain break and allow students to listen to the noises of the classroom or a piece of music.
Mindful movement - when students are going to and from class, lunch, or the playground, encourage them to pay attention to how their feet move and what it feels like for each step to land on the ground.

Mindful eating - during snack and meal time, encourage students to slow down and notice more about their food - what is the texture? Flavor? Consistency? Does it change as they chew? What do they notice about their experience of eating when they slow it down and pay closer attention?

Mindful connection - be intentional about connecting with students directly and individually even if it is only for a few seconds and encourage students to connect with one another in meaningful ways - by sharing a compliment, asking a question, or just smiling and making eye contact.  Many students crave connection and feel rewarded when they are seen.

The key to incorporating mindfulness into everyday activities is just to slow down and experience the present moment in whatever way makes the most sense for each situation.

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