SEL for Students

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) materials for students from Kindergarten through 12th-grade. Our SEL materials are CASEL-aligned, classroom-ready, engaging and student-centered, and use evidence-based best practices including using trauma-informed practices and being culturally responsive.

Classroom-ready, CASEL-aligned SEL materials for K-12 students.

Our SEL student planners and digital class packs make integrating SEL easy for teachers, engaging for students, and benefit school leaders by creating a seamless SEL journey that is scaffolded for each grade-level using evidence-based best practices. Seltrove's student materials use trauma-informed practices and all lessons and activities are written within a culturally responsive lens.
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Our Student SEL materials are

CASEL-aligned with evidence-based lessons & activities

Carefully sequenced to build & reinforce skills at each level

Student-centered with real-world applications

Accessible & appropriate for all learners

Explore our SEL for Students options:

SEL Student Planners

Printed planners with a year's worth (1 per week) of SEL lessons and activities plus an agenda book for each week of the year. This 2-in-1 resource is classroom-ready with no teacher preparation needed.
  • CASEL-aligned with a focus on all 5 competencies
  • 40+ lessons and activities for the entire school year
  • An agenda book and calendar for self-management
  • Anti-bullying skill building
  • Trauma-informed best practices & culturally responsive
  • Multiple self-assessments & reflections
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SEL Digital Class Packs

Digital class packs provide entire classes (or schools) with a year's worth of SEL lessons and activities, while giving teachers tips on how to teach each lesson. Teachers can either print each lesson or upload it to their LMS.
  • CASEL-aligned lessons & activities
  • Year long subscription for an entire year of SEL
  • Teacher tips and support
  • Anti-bulling skill building
  • Multiple self-assessments & goal-setting activities
  • Trauma-informed best practices & culturally responsive
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"It’s a teacher-student must have!!! Love this planner!!"
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"The planners are very comprehensive. They are significantly better than what we currently use."
- Dave R. Bifolchi, Teacher
“I love love love these!”
- Susan petang, coach & mindfulness author

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each lesson?

Lessons take about 10-15 minutes to complete once a week. Many lessons also include extension activities that are optional ways to add more SEL practice into your weekly SEL lessons and activities.

Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules throughout the week.

Do I need to install any software to use the SEL Digital Class Packs?

No. All you need is an internet connection and a device of your choice. You can access the digital class pack on any computer, browser, tablet or mobile device. All browsers are supported.