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Coffee Chat: Meeting the Social & Emotional Needs of Adolescents

Learn about the important changes and developmental milestones for adolescents and what strategies and best practices teachers can use for supporting their students using SEL. In this Coffee Chat you will have the opportunity to learn new strategies and download free resources to support you and your class on this journey!

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Speaker: Laura Hurwitz

Laura Hurwitz is a Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Consultant specializing in helping schools, school districts, and non-profit organizations implement successful strategies to support students’ social, emotional, and behavioral health. As a Consultant to the Collaborative for Academic and Social & Emotional Learning (CASEL), Laura helps to develop guidance for teachers, school teams, and administrators on systemic SEL implementation.

With over 20 years of experience in building capacity of schools, school districts and state-level systems in the areas of school mental health, school health, and social and emotional learning, Laura has a deep understanding of how to create safe and supportive environments for students so that they can thrive academically and in all aspects of their lives. Laura’s expertise includes strategic planning, leadership development, implementation support, coaching, professional development, and clinical services.  

Laura’s deep knowledge of SEL, school climate practices, restorative practices, mental health, and trauma -- combined with skills in developing and leveraging internal leaders, building teams, aligning frameworks and workstreams, and designing and facilitating effective professional learning -- have led to positive results for students, staff, organizations, and systems. 

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