Working to cultivate happy, caring kids & teachers in schools around the world.

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Classroom Resources

Focus on creating inclusive and kind classrooms with our print and digital materials.

Teach students how to manage their emotions and find confidence in their identity, build a growth mindset, show empathy to others, and make healthy decisions for their well-being.

Resources are available for Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Teacher Workshops

Learn ways to easily integrate SEL into your classroom including classroom management strategies to create respectful and caring classrooms.

 Workshops focus on creating a healthy well-being, focusing on your relationships with your students, and teaching students how to be caring and confident people.

Parent Resources

Focus on compassionate parenting strategies that lower your stress and create more respectful children. Filled with printable resources to use with your children and case study videos.

SEL for Districts & Schools

Get everyone on board using SEL with student & teacher materials.

The benefits
of our solutions

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Aligned with all 5 CASEL competencies

All of our products are aligned with the CASEL 5 and the Key Settings.

Use evidenced-based best practices

Our products use evidenced-based practices that are proven successful in classrooms, schools, and families.

Culturally responsive & trauma-informed 

Our products are created within a culturally responsive and trauma-informed lens to help all students and teachers be successful.

Focus on real-world applications

Focus on real-world life skills like empathy, growth mindset, and emotional awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the classroom materials and the teacher workshops work together?

All of our products work together and complement each other!

Choose your classroom materials and teacher workshops for a complete SEL school solution.

What training does a teacher need to use the Classroom Materials?

None! All of our classroom materials are ready-to-use with no teacher prep or training required. 

How long is each student lesson?

Lesson time varies based on how you want to use them.

Most lessons can be completed within 10-15 minutes, although there are many ways to extend lessons into a full class period, if you wish. 

Lessons are designed to flow easily into busy school days and easily integrate into busy teacher's schedules throughout the week.

How long is each teacher workshop?

Each individual workshop takes about 1 hour to complete. Users receive a completion certificate after completing the workshop and have the opportunity to complete a final project and interact in the discussion threads with other educators.

Schools Love Us! 

"Wow, this is what I've been looking for."
Dr. Ireremena Felix-Otuorimuo, Phd Educational Leadership private education expert and principal consultant

“I love love love these!”
Susan Petang, Stress Management Coach and Mindfulness author
"The planners are very comprehensive. They are significantly better than what we currently use."
Dave R. Bifolchi, Special Education Teacher

"I definitely recommend...the SELTROVE workshops. Teachers and counselors need tools they can implement...[and] the materials are beautifully written and carefully designed."
Victoria Mejia, Youth Programs Coordinator
"It’s a teacher-student must have!!! Love this planner!!" Review

"Great resource [Well-Being teacher workshop toolkit] that really works with and for students. Easy to use for teachers and great for mental health"

Shana Fairbank, high school teacher