SEL Workshops

Unlock the potential of your classroom with an SEL Workshop. Each workshop is designed to equip you with the best practices and resources to foster a supportive and emotionally intelligent learning environment.

Our workshops empower you with the tools to seamlessly integrate SEL into your curriculum. With curated case studies spanning elementary through high school, you'll gain invaluable insights and strategies applicable to diverse educational settings. 
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SEL Day: March 8, 2024

To celebrate SEL Day, join our Reframing Classroom Management Workshop for Free!

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Bundle 1: SEL Foundations

Learn strategies for creating an SEL classroom environmentclassroom management strategies, and SEL tools for tired teachers.
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The Basics of SEL & Teaching
 Creating an SEL Environment
 Respectful Classroom Management
Executive Functioning & Responsibility
Teacher Well-Being & Self-Care
Learn how to use an SEL teaching style.

Focus on all 5 CASEL competencies. 

Project: Create your SEL-aligned Teaching Philosophy
Create an SEL-aligned classroom environment.
Focus on social awareness, relationship skills, and self-awareness. 

Project: Design your Classroom
Discover SEL-aligned classroom management strategies through case studies and real classroom examples. 

Focus on relationship skills and self-management. 

Project: Create your SEL-aligned Classroom Management Philosophy
Learn about appropriate expectations & student brain development.

Focus on self-management.

Project: Reflection and discussion with other teachers taking this workshop
Learn teacher self-care, balance, and setting boundaries.

Focus on self-awareness and self-management.

Project: Create your own Well-being Toolkit
What I Loved about this Bundle:

“There is quite a lot of information to be found in this bundle that feels timely and relevant. The variety of interactive features are excellent. There were plenty of practical opportunities to impact my classroom and I was engaged with the content.

- Chris Bryner

Bundle 2: Identity & Mindset

Learn how to teach emotional awareness, growth mindset, and resilience.
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Building Confidence & Identity
Teaching Emotional Awareness
Teaching Growth Mindset
Building Self-Worth & Resilience
Explore ways to teach students about identity, gaining confidence, and understanding their personal strengths.

Focus on self-awareness.

Project: Curriculum Review of your Classroom Content
Discover new strategies to teach emotional awareness and self-management skills.

Focus on self-awareness and self-management.

Project: Create an Emotional Awareness Toolkit for your students
Learn the benefits of a growth mindset and how to help your students develop this important SEL skill. 

Focus on self-awareness and self-management. 

Project: Create a Growth Mindset Action Plan
Explore the ways self-worth and resilience are connected, and tools teachers can use with students.

Focuses on self-awareness and self-management skills.

Project: Create a Toolkit with, and for, your students to build their resilience
What I Love about this Bundle:
"I loved the content and the variety of activities; [they] kept me very engaged. [I] also loved all the resources that were included…handouts, role play cards, case study and videos. Practical, important and useful information around identity which will help students build self-worth, resilience and emotional awareness."

-Joanna Jewell

Bundle 3: Equity

Learn culturally responsive teaching practices and best practices for a DEI classroom (and school) environment.
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Creating an Equitable Classroom
Creating an Inclusive Classroom
SEL for Students with Special Needs
Racial Equity
Creating a Final Equity & Inclusion Project
Explore the ways teachers can create an equitable classroom within an SEL-aligned lens. 

Focus on self-awareness and social awareness.

Project: Create a Ripple Effect poster for your classroom
Learn how to create an SEL-aligned classroom environment that is culturally responsive and equitable for all your learners. 

Focus on social awareness, relationship skills, and self-awareness. 

Project: Reflect and connect with other SEL teachers on this topic
Discover SEL-aligned tools promote inclusivity for all students with a focus on neurodiverse students. 

Focus on social awareness and self-management. 

Project: Create an Equity Plan for your students
Investigate systemic racism in education and tools teachers can use in their classrooms to create more equitable learning environments

Focus on social awareness and responsible decision-making.

Project: Create your own Equity Teaching Philosophy
Create a classroom declaration of equity step-by-step with this interactive workshop. 

Focus on social awareness, relationship skills, and self-awareness.  

Project: Create your Declaration of Equity
What I Love about this Bundle:
"There was a lot of great information for teachers to use to examine themselves and learn about equity. [There are] many resources on hot topics."
-Kami Johnson

Bundle 4: Well-Being

Learn trauma-informed teaching practices, and best practices for teaching students to make healthy decisions, and incorporating mindfulness & gratitude into your classroom routine.
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Using Mindfulness & Teaching Gratitude
Trauma-Informed Practices
Healthy, Responsible Decisions
Digital Safety & Wellness
Mental Wellness
Explore ways teachers can integrate mindfulness and gratitude practices into the classroom. 

Focus on self-management and social awareness.  

Project: Reflect and connect with other SEL teachers on this topic
Learn more about trauma and strategies for being a trauma-informed teacher. 

Focus on relationship skills, self-awareness, and social awareness.  

Project: Create a self-care plan
Discover SEL-aligned tools to teach healthy decision-making skills.
Focus on responsible decision-making and self-management.

Project: Create a decision-making framework for your classroom
Investigate technology well-being including digital citizenship, media use, and teaching online safety. 
Focus on responsible decision-making and self-management.

Project: Connect with other SEL teachers in sharing application strategies
  Available only for Middle & High Shcool

Learn about mental wellness in tweens and teens, and ways teachers can support healthy wellness. 

Focus on self-awareness, self-management, and relationship skills.   

Project: Create an action plan for your classroom
What I Love about this Bundle:

The "Trauma Informed Teaching Practices" workshop was by far the most impactful. [It] really helped to explain what students who have experienced trauma go through. I think this bundle contained a lot of useful information to help teachers incorporate SEL into their classrooms. This training was well worth the time spent!"
Alita Soulsby

Bundle 5: Courage & Kindness

Learn strategies to teach healthy relationships, resisting peer pressure, being an upstander, and using restorative practices in your classroom and school.
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Empathy, Respect, and Healthy Relationships
Complex Social Situations & Solutions
Communication & Active Listening
Restorative Practices & Problem-Solving
Learn how teachers can model and teach healthy relationship building including establishing, maintaining, and restoring relationships. 

Focus on relationship skills. 

Project: Create a relationship-building activity
Explore strategies teachers can use when helping students navigate complex social situations

Focus on relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.

Project: Design a resource for your classroom based on the workshop examples
Model and teach healthy communication strategies including conflict resolution and non-violent communication

Focus on relationship skills and social awareness.    

Project: Create your SEL-aligned communication action plan
Discover the benefits of restorative practices.
Focus on relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.  

Project: Create a restorative practice plan for your classroom
What I Love about this Bundle:
"This workshop explains SEL in a clear, enjoyable manner with present-day examples. I appreciate that when discussing restorative practices that both people involved in conflicts are addressed. A part that I see many schools leave out of this is that the student in the wrong still may need to have consequences for their behavior."

- Kristin Daub McGuire

Our Workshops provide

CASEL-aligned, evidence-based best practices.

Culturally responsive and trauma-informed best practices.

Asynchronous, digital learning.

Printable and downloadable resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should subscribe to these workshops?

Teachers, counselors, and other faculty who are working with students will find these workshops useful. All workshop bundles include printable resources to use with your students, case studies with real classroom examples, and best practices for building your own SEL skills in each of the CASEL competencies. Administrators may find these workshops helpful so they are on the same page as their teachers, and to use on school professional development days.

What are the differences between elementary and middle & high school?

The elementary school version workshops are designed for preschool - 5th grade teachers, school leaders, and paraprofessionals. These workshops focus on early childhood & elementary learning experiences and best practices.

The middle and high school version is designed for educators who work with 6th - 12th grade students. These workshops focus on adolescence, the leap in brain development in the pre-teen years, and best practices for middle and high school teachers.

Can I subscribe a group of teachers to one workshop?

Yes! You may either do this by subscribing all your teachers at your school in the same workshop bundle (see our school pricing information above) or by subscribing a small group of teachers to workshops using a purchase order or directly enrolling them by going to the individual workshop bundle page. Have questions? Contact us and we can help you out!

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The tools offer a practical lens through which to view social emotional learning."  
- joe amabile, teacher
I strongly endorse [Seltrove's] SEL Program. This SEL program is a necessity and something that's been missing from the teaching, learning, and education process for a very long time.
- Anthony Lockhart, program director
"An informative and useful workshop with plenty of takeaways to implement in your classroom."
- Joanna Jewell, Teacher

Want to take a peek into a teacher workshop?

This mini SEL workshop is a sample teacher workshop to give you an idea of what the full workshops look & feel like.
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